Gold of Modena

The Gold Of Modena is obtained from a mix of white vinegar with a high acetic acid content and must from "Trebbiano" and subsequently it is matured in barriques. The final result is a vinegar with an intense fruit nuance, perfectly harmonizing with the delicate flavour typical of the matured vinegar. This complete dressing can be used on vegetables by itself, even without oil. It is moreover particularly appropriate for escalopes, as an alternative to lemon or Marsala wine.

Bitter sweet dressing, acidity 5%, in 0,5 liter “Rossini” bottle. Product Code: 5AC

Bitter sweet dressing, “GUSTOSO” acidity 5%, in 0,5 liter “Ampolla” bottle with cork or silicone stopper. Product Code: 10C

Bitter sweet dressing, acidity 5%, in 0,25 liter “Cesena” bottle with spray. Product Code: 41CS

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