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Commercial department
Vinegars and Dressing
Commercial department
Malt Extract and Cereal Syrup
Sending orders
Shipments department
Administration and accounting department
For sending invoices
Purchasing department
Quality Control department
Quality Assurance department

San Daniele Po

  • Commercial and administrative office
  • Production site for vinegar, dressings, malt extracts and cereal syrups
  • Veridat Laboratory for analysis
Via Faverzani, 13 26046 San Daniele Po (CR) Italy
Tel: +39 0372.65544 | +39 0372.65212 | +39 0372.65218 - Fax: +39 0372.65082


Production site for Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Via Monti, 59 41123 Modena (MO) Italy



Via Faverzani 13,
26046 San Daniele Po, CR (Italy)
+39 0372 65544

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