Natural acidifying for the dough


Very often, an acidity of the dough is not suitable causes of those defects which the baker can not explain the cause.

Years of experience in the baking industry have led us to develop Malt-DoubleF: a 100% natural product obtained by double fermentation of malt used in baking as a regulator of the acidity of the mixture (0.5-1.5% up to achieve the desired pH and ATT) in order to:

-To improve the growth of Saccharomyces and retards the growth of other microorganisms

- As a preventive measure against the alteration of the so-called "ropey bread" (pH <5.5 reduces the possibility of development of Bacillus Mesenthericus)

- for the optimization of enzymatic activity (amylases have optimum pH between 4.6 and 5.2)

- To slow the growth of molds. It acts directly as an anti-mold and enhances the activity of anti-mold commonly used such as sorbic acid and propionic acid

- Reduce the leavening time (being rich in natural amino acids and secondary products of fermentation)

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