Malt extracts

INGREDIENTS 100% natural with high nutritional value.

They are made with a process of aqueous extraction of malted barley, followed by filtration and vacuum evaporation of the solution until you get to a syrup containing 80% of dry matter.

The Malt extract contains easily assimilable carbohydrates and amino acids derived from the hydrolysis operated by enzymes naturally contained in barley malt during the extraction process.

They are also a source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes (in the case of diastatic malt).

The range includes:

- Diastatic Malt extracts rich in enzymes normally used as an ingredient in baked goods leavened ;

- Not diastatic Malt extracts, used in baked goods, breakfast cereals, cereal bars for their distinctive flavor, color and binding power and due to their sugar profile are also used for the production of beer ;

- Roasted malt extracts have the same uses of the previous ones but are characterized by a strong note of toasted cereal and a very distinctive color .

The range is also available in organic type.

The production takes place in plants certified BRC and IFS. All our malts are Kosher certified (see attached table).

Our malt extracts are characterized by the following properties:

- Natural sweeteners with sugar -rich polysaccharides and maltose ;

- Natural colorants;

- Give a flavor and a typical taste of toasted cereal also depending on the type of malt ;

- Ensure an improved leavening thanks to the enzymes (in the case of diastatic malts) and as they represent a good nutrient for yeast

- Can be used as binders in the preparation of pastries and in the production of cereal bars.



Download the list of our malt extract
Download the list of our malt extract

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