Cereal Syrups

Our cereal syrups are 100% natural ingredients.

We produce a wide range of cereal syrups: concentrated, organic and conventional with different sugar profiles they can satisfy several technical and sweeteners features for the food industries.

The manufacturing process adopted is very innovative, aimed at safeguarding the natural characteristics of the product (it does not foresee demineralization), and able to ensure a good level of quality and stability of the products.

The production takes place in plants certified BRC and IFS. A large part of our production is certified Kosher (see attached table).

This allows the use of our syrups in various applications: cookies, pastries, cereal bars, corn flakes, breakfast products, diabetic products, sauces, yogurt, desserts, drinks.

The range includes a number of syrups gluten free: corn syrups, rice syrups. We can provide analysis for each production lot thanks to our accredited laboratory "Veridat" (no. 1430).


Download the list of our syrups cereals
Download the list of our syrups cereals

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