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The company Galletti in the plants of San Daniele Po produces:


The Galletti wine vinegar is produced according to a well-established tradition . The result is a vinegar with delicate flavor, smooth taste, round and bright. It is also available in organic type.


Vinegars are made from high-quality wines that are particularly delicate and then flavored with different periods of infusion of herbs. In some vinegars it is also necessary to add the essences extracted from the plant itself. These vinegars are characterized by a specific culinary use . They also have a definite food purpose linked to the possibility to satisfy the palate even in the presence of low amounts of oil used in the seasoning.


The apple cider vinegar Galletti is made from the juice of fine Italian apples grown , harvested and pressed according to strict quality criteria. It is also available in organic type.


The rice vinegar is obtained by alcoholic fermentation of selected rice flours ( as for the sake) and subsequent acetic fermentation. The product is then aged. The vinegar produced is soft, delicate and moderately acid. It is also available in organic type.


The malt vinegar is obtained by alcoholic fermentation of barley malt (as in beer) and subsequent bio-oxidation effected by acetic acid bacteria . It is also available in organic type.


To meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated and demanding consumer who loves full flavors, but at the same time soft, round and velvety , delicious toppings were created : Rè Limone, Modenacrem and Gold of Modena.


Our malt extracts are 100% natural ingredients .
They are made with a process of aqueous extraction of malted barley, followed by filtration and vacuum evaporation of the solution until you get to a syrup containing 78-82 % of dry matter. The range includes:

  • Diastatic Malt extracts rich in enzymes normally used as an ingredient in baked goods leavened;
  • Not diastatic Malt extracts, used in baked goods, breakfast cereals, cereal bars for their distinctive flavor, color and binding power and due to their sugar profile are also used for the production of beer;
  • Roasted malt extracts have the same uses of the previous ones but are characterized by a strong note of toasted cereal and a very distinctive color.


The range is also available in organic type.


We produce a wide range of cereal syrups: concentrated, organic and conventional with different sugar profiles they can satisfy several technical and sweeteners features for the food industries. The manufacturing process adopted is very innovative, aimed at safeguarding the natural characteristics of the product (it does not foresee demineralization), and able to ensure a good level of quality and stability of the products. The range includes a number of syrups gluten free: corn syrups, rice syrups. We can provide analysis for each production lot thanks to our accredited laboratory "Veridat".

In the plant in Modena we produce:


We use a lot of passion and simple rules:

  • good wine vinegar aged
  • cooked must of the typical area
  • Adequate time of maturation in wood

It is also available in organic type.


Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is obtained from the fermentation of the must of grapes grown in the province of Modena , cooked over direct heat in open vessels . The must is then subjected to fermentation in the typical " vinegar " . The aging lasts at least 12 years through racking in barrels of different sizes and wood . It is recognized as packaged by the manufacturer Consortium of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and marked with a numbered security seal . In April of 2000 he obtained the protected designation of origin (PDO) by the European Council of Agricultural Ministers . Is sold with either a minimum aging of 12 years ( referred to as " traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena " ), and with an aging period of 25 years and over (called " Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Extra Vecchio ").


Magnificent pickled vegetables and sweet and sour produced only from fresh with original recipes rich in Mediterranean scents maintain the softness and flavor of the product of the season. Appetizing and tasty are ideal as an appetizer , side dish or ingredient for delicious dishes.

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